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TuTu Live is an app that turns users from all over the world into idols thanks to their live broadcasts. You too can bring together thousands of people in front of their smartphone to enjoy your social networking space and broadcast to the largest number of people possible.

This app works just like any other streaming tool; create a profile and start following all those that you might find interesting. Once you’ve completed those two steps you have two choices; either start broadcasting yourself or enjoy others’ broadcasts. Either way, the broadcasting screens will be identical; the other users can send you comments or like your broadcasts, so you’ll always know how well it’s working. Also, you can find out the number of people that are watching you at any given moment and stop streaming with just one click.

TuTu Live is a super simple tool that helps you locate users and interesting topics. With this app you can become an idol of the masses, that is, if you know how to be in the right place.
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